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Thread: Free directory submission for all NB members.

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    Free directory submission for all NB members.

    As my title say, that i am decided to give Free directory submission.

    Its a complete freebie.

    :: Conditions ::

    • you must have to post minimum 100 post now if you have less then 499 post at this time {if you are active member of NB then that's not a issue for you.}
    • if you have 500+ post then you can apply now
    • No condition for NB staff
    • only 1 time for 1 member
    • Newbie Special :: if you have less then 50 post then complete your next 100 post and you will get 150 directory submission. and if you want more, then complete your 300 post and you will get 300 directory submissions.

    :: How to apply ::

    Just leave a message here and i will tell you, when you we are ready to give you.

    :: Send me details in this format to complete offer ::

    • Name :
    • submission Mail :
    • Website URL :
    • Title : (up to 5 )
    • Keywords :
    • Category : (At least 2 best suited categories maximum u can selct)
    • Description : 200-250 characters (up to 5)

    :: Help NB ::

    you can post about this freebie anywhere you want to gain more register and active member for NB.

    so dont be shy to post about this on any forum or on any blog post.

    Note:: I am also human and doing work to live my life, so may be that many time i am busy and your gift take time to reached.

    :: Comleted :: {If you got your gift then i am put your name in this section}
    DomainMagnate{124}, GeeOne{150},

    :: Send me your Details :: {if your name in this section then send me your webinfo in above mention format via Pm }

    Aquarezz{detail received},
    Hellas, 5starpix {detail received},


    :: Waiting Message ::{if you are in this section then complete your post and then post a message again in this section. i will put a no. of post, when you reach at this amount then post a message here to get your gift. }
    Arunkumar {post here when you complete 467 posts} ,
    ayebea {post here when you complete 277 posts} ,
    Kovich {post here when you complete 311 posts} ,
    sahil_kotak {post here when you complete 419 posts for 300 free directory submission.} ,
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