Hey all,

Since i'm new on netbuilders, I want to give users the chance of getting my services easier.

I have a forum where people can get top-level domain names (of choice, pushed to your account with full control) for a few posts. You get the domain names for points (NamePoints).

Usually a .info costs 165 NamePoints
Now, for users within netbuilders.org I'm offering .info domains for only 70 NamePoints. You'll need at least 5 threads and a total of 40 posts (incl. the 5 threads) as for the rest, it's upto you. You should be able to get the 70 NamePoints pretty easily.

This offer is valid for 4 people. In case you're unsure if the offer is still valid, you can always private message me at the forums, I don't mind .

The forums: ProNamers - Free TLD's for a few posts

The forum is still starting up, that's why there are a few offers available to get domains even easier than it is.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to bother me!

Kind regards,
- Shadows