I am a web freelancer who does all sorts of web work including PHP and MYSQL programming, paid posting, article writing, blog posting, script installs, script upgrades, script integrations, server migration, file uploading/downloading and alot of other stuff.

I offer my services for cheap as priced below:

Script Installs/Upgrades: $2 per script - $0.50 per plugin/theme/addon

PHP and MYSQL Programming: $5-$10/hour depending on project

File/Site Moving/Migration: Price depends on the ammount of files and size of files

Content Creation (Article/Forum/Blog Posting): Between $2 and $10 an article depending on length and subject and $1 per 10 Comments/Posts

I have done quite a bit of work, and you can get customer testimonials on my website link below:

Testimonials - Ryan Dowling

You can contact me here or via my websites contact form

If there is something you need done that is not listed here, then I will most likely be able to do it, so contact me and we can see what can be done