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Thread: Front-Page Digg Service

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    OMG 2-3 K

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    Instead of paying for diggs which is bound to get you screwed over in the long run, instead hire someone to handle your social media. For example, I am putting together a service where I handle the social media and bookmarking for different clients. I submit to digg, stumble upon, Mixx, reddit, etc., and rely on my network to promote it. I'm not being paid per front page, but instead, I am being paid to do the social media/bookmarking aspect of running a website.

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    I manually submit all of my posts to the top social media sites, followed by a semi-automated approach for all the other sites out there. I don't need anybody to do standard bookmarking for me - I just need someone who can get me a ton of Diggs in a short amount of time, to try and get one article to the front-page. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As for a quote in the range of $3k - forget it. Not worth it in that case.

    For the people that PM'd me reasonable rates, I will let you know.

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    Are you serious man, I think that was a joke
    Perhaps that was supposed to be in Zimbabwe dollars? *lol*

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    Hi Kovich,
    Hope by this time you already have someone for the job. In getting in digg's front page, you should have at least 100-200 diggs. Let me share this info: Having a more than 10 diggs in less than 1 hour, your URL might probably get banned in digg. So, make sure to have at least 1 hour interval every 10 diggs. If you have any questions you can send me a PM. Maybe I can help you make your URL in diggs front page. Thanks

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    Since i do not offer such services but it will cost u 50-80$ for hitting front page of digg.

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