I am presenting before you a unique Email collection service.

What i do:-

->You give me a keyword
->I search Google for the given keywords and compile a list of resultant sites
->I do whois on this sites and collect Email for these sites from whois so you can contact them and request a backlink.
->Along the way i collect other seo realted info of the sites (like pr,google backlink,alexa YBL etc) to help you choose the people you want to contact.


Pacakge A:-
Emails:-100 Emails
Keyword:- 1
Turn around:-2 days
Price:-$8 (discounted price $5)

Pacakge B:-
Emails:-500 Emails
Keyword:- 1
Turn around:-4 days
Price:-$25 (discounted price $17.5)

Pacakge C:-
Emails:-1000 Emails
Keyword:- 2
Turn around:-7 days
Price:-$45 (discounted price $30)

Details i need with order:-
Email to send report
Transaction id

I Got a few reviews on the other forum where i sell this service.

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I just looked through the csv from ankit. It looks good.

He delivered exactly what he said. It scraped the top 50 of a keyword I gave him and then spit this info back for each one.

alexa rank
alexa popularity
alexa link
dmoz listed?
Google BL
Yahoo BL
cached pages

It is a really good way to get a lot of background information on who is owning the serps in a niche. Then you can double check the url to see if they might give you a link.

You could do lists like 6 at a time and add them to your blogroll. Email them asking for the same. Then wait a week or two and rinse repeat on any that did not reciprocate.

I know a web designer that did this with a good looking, but new design blog and it was crazy. 6 out of 10 people he emailed linked him back. Super high Pagerank pages too. Sitewide links in footers and crap. Instant Authority. I never thought it would work so well. But you should have a good looking site that matches who you are asking from.

You should use your brain a little when you give him a keyword. Some keywords are more likely to have wikipedia, ezinearticle, and craigslist as contacts. That aint going work obviously.

Out of the keyword I asked for (Very competitive) 8 out of 50 are whois privacy emails. Less competitive keywords probably would have a better ratio.

But his smallest package is 100 and most are likely to work.

I like this service, I am lazy and hate messing around with whois. It also gives you details on the site like Pagerank etc.

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What can I say.
The man delivered!
I only gave a 2 words keyword and he got back to me not with 50 results as stated in the OP but with 85.
He sorted the list in the SERPs order and he filled in the PR/alexa/backlinks and other misc info.

Turnaround time was within 24 hours!

You can use Ankit's services with confidence!

Since i don't have much reputation here..i am willing to offer 30% off on all packages.!!