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Thread: Get to The First Page of Google Building 265 Quality Backlinks Slowly With SEO Expert

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    Arrow Get to The First Page of Google Building 265 Quality Backlinks Slowly With SEO Expert

    Hi to All members. I'm sure that till now you have not come across such an exclusive SEO service.
    I've just updated my service and did some improvement to my best-selling service.
    For feedbacks of my previous clients you can visit my first thread though I'm still collecting honest reviews from my current customers.

    I offer An Advanced Article Marketing Service That Will Help Your Article And/Or Site Get to The First Page of Google thanks to 265 Backlinks In SLOW and NATURAL way for BETTER RANKING!

    In other words, this is All-In-One Service: Article Marketing That Will Build At Least 265 Backlinks To Your site Within A Month

    Keyword Research + List of The Low-Competitive Keywords + Quality Content + High CTR Resource Box + Backlinks + Article Submission + Getting To The First Page of Google.

    Does such advanced article marketing really work?

    As an expert in article cash tactics, I can say that this strategy really works for me. Using this tactic sometimes I was able to get my site to the first page of Google literally within a few hours. Yeah, this is amazing, but true.

    Why does it work? - Because I leave no place for failure.

    Article marketing campaign is like building a new house. It is important to lay the firm foundation of your "house" - article. Otherwise, even if you build multiple backlinks to your article this might not increase your sales.

    Why? - Because a professional article does not always mean it converts better. The firm foundation of your article can be laid only if you consider the psychology of your niche audience which I do while creating my article marketing campaigns.

    What You Will Get With My Advanced Article Marketing Campaign?

    1. Keyword Research

    This is soul of any professional and converting content.

    I'll do keyword research using Adwords Google Keyword Tool and SEO Elite which are great to find top searched key terms and current trends.

    2. Proper Usage of keywords in the title and body of the article.

    As a SEO Expert, I can say that this is an important subtle nuance which is not considered by every article marketer.

    3. A list of the 10 best low-competitive, but high - demand keywords.

    I'll give you a list of 10 best keywords related to your niche to use for your future article marketing campaigns.

    4. Writing Article in A Special Format

    I always get surprised when I notice many marketers, even some gurus write and publish simple, plain text. They forget the most important fact: We are all in hurry and always looking for fast solutions. Therefore articles included with bold subtitles, bullets, numbers or questions and answers attract more readers that those plain texts.

    So I or my team of professional US and UK writers will write a 260 (or more) word article in a special format I use for all my articles. This includes the title of the article too. The more attractive title the more traffic and sales you get!

    5. Writing Resource Box With High CTR

    Even the best article that makes a deep impression on a reader is useless without a convincing and intriguing resource box. I think, an ideal resource box should not only call to action but should also persuade the reader so that he/ she clicks your site link.

    In fact, using this strategy I could achieve 15-18% CTR with my resource boxes though I'm always trying to improve my tactics to achieve even better results.

    6. Link Rich Article

    I've built my own link building strategy through article marketing.

    I'll include 6 keyword rich links in each article I provide you: 3 in the body, especially in the subtitles and 3 in the resource box - 2 of which will be as an anchor text and one as a direct link to your site.

    As an example, you can see one of my published articles to get an idea:

    Cheap E Books: How To Easily Sell ebook on Ebay?

    7. Cross linking articles

    I think without cross-linking your articles between each other your article marketing efforts cannot give maximum results.

    So I offer to cross link the article I'll write for you with your previously published top-converting content. Of course, it is at your own choice! You may exclude this part.

    8. Article Submission

    Submitting articles to top 3 Article Directories

    Articlesbase - PR6

    Goarticles - PR6

    Ideamarketers - PR3

    Totally, you will get 20 high quality backlinks from 3 high PR and high traffic content directories.

    9. Social Bookmarking

    I'll social bookmark the article once it has been published on 17-33 high traffic and high pagerank social network sites like digg, twitter, mixx, etc.

    This will provide minimum up to 33 backlinks.

    10. Pinging

    a) I'll ping the article through pingler which will give you additional 91+ backlinks.

    b) I'll also ping the article rss feed which will provide additional 91+ backlinks.

    11. Rewriting Article

    I'll rewrite article and create new 500+ w. content for massive article distribution.

    12. Massive Article Submission

    I'll do mass submission through Jetsubmitter that will distribute your single article to top 300-400+ sites NOT IN ONE DAY! It will do a few submissions a day to seem natural to Google. So, all the distribution process may take up to 30-40 or more days to be completed.

    Let's say from those 300 submission backlinks only 30 links will be considered by Google.
    So totally after completion of the service, you will get at least 20 + 33 + 91 + 91 + 30 = 265 backlinks

    Now I Hope You Understand How Fast You Can Get to the First Page of Google.

    So Now You Will Ask:

    How Much Will Your Advanced Article Marketing Campaign Cost Me?

    I really could charge $100 or more for such a professional and high-quality service which is really worth that price. I think you understand that it will take quite a long time to accomplish each and every step mentioned above.

    But I want to combine my quality service with cheap price.

    This All-In-One Service will cost you only $51.

    Payment is upfront and via paypal only.


    I can accomplish only 2-3 campaigns each and every day. Quality is My Main Priority.


    I'll complete your article promotion campaign within 48-72 hours once after I CONFIRM the order.

    If you want to order, DON’T POST HERE or PM! Please email me and I'll contact you back asap:
    prof_writer (at) hotmail (dot) com.

    If you have any questions just email me or contact on msn at the very above mentioned address.


    As I need emergency cash for buying 2 websites, I'm offering GREAT DEAL for Only 12 People Who Will Be First To Order. And the best part is that these clients can benefit of this monthly package at the same discount price for 6 months if they wish.

    So What Is My Great Deal?

    You can order my $51 value service for $20 Only! But I sell it in pack of 10. So it means You Get This Big Discount Only If you Order 10 campaigns at a time.

    In other words, I offer a monthly $200 package which includes 10 article marketing campaigns within 30-40 days.

    Don't Miss This Great Opportunity To Get To The First Page of Google for Such a Low Price!

    Now Only 12 SPOTS Available from 15!

    So Hurry to Grab Your Spot Just Now and Take Advantage of This Discount Package even for 6 months from now on. I never offered this service for the cheapest price. And I dont think I will again!

    But pls don't disturb me if you want single or a few campaigns for $20 per campaign. I offer each campaign for $20 only for bulk 10 orders at a time.

    Payment will be upfront. You can check my itrader and clients' feedbacks on this thread.

    If you want to order, DON’T POST HERE or PM! Please email me and I'll contact you back asap:
    prof_writer (at) hotmail (dot) com.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

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    You want complete up-front payment, without having established any reputation? You didn't even make an attempt to earn our trust. I'm sorry to say it, but linking to a thread on DP with the same information, and limited customer feedback is not a good way of going about the process of earning clients.

    The thing about your thread that scares me, though, is that you don't want us to post here or PM you - but instead, you want us to send a letter to a hotmail inbox. What would the reasoning behind that be? You want to offer a service, but can't maintain client relationships on the forum you're posting it on?

    If you want to sell anything, here are my recommendations:
    1. Offer a smaller, free review copy to someone.
    2. Introduce a 'x amount of clients can pay half now, half later, provided you have 10+ iTrader' or something to that effect.
    3. Let interested parties reply here and PM you - and take the time to monitor this thread and your inbox.

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    On What condition do u offer discounts ?? - Professional Webmaster Services

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