Hi Friends,
i wanna share my service with you - Facebook Likes!

Facebook is the biggest Social Network on earth and has daily still more visitors then Google!

With over 800 Million Users ( soon over 1 Billion! ) it is THE place for marketing.

There are much other sellers on the net. Here is my service.

  • 100% REAL Likes
  • Untargeted (International) Likes
  • Targeted Likes ( US,CA, AU, UK and EU )
  • 24/7 Support
  • Money-Back-Guarantee if not satisfied


Untargeted Likes:

1K - 20$
2K - 40$
3K - 60$
4K - 80$
5K - 100$
10K - 200$

Over 10K special discount

Targeted Likes:

1K - 40$
2K - 80$
3K - 120$
4K - 160$
5K - 200$
10K - 400$

Over 10K special discount

Deliver time:

48h - 14 days (depends on the quantity of the order)


Are the fans real?

Yes, 100% real Persons.

Will they stay on the page?

We can guarantee, they are real persons with their own decisions.

Is there any risk that my page get banned?

No, we had never a banned page. Even for very big orders >100K we had no banned page.

What method do you use?

We work with very big fanpages together and make marketing for you page until you get the amount ordered.

How can you guarantee the right amount?

We do marketing until you get your number ordered, it is logical that we cant provide exact the amount you ordered, for example if you order 1K likes you will get a little bit more

How can I order?

Paypal only!

Do you provide likes > 10 K

Yes, our biggest order was about 500K

Can i contact you?

Sure, i use skype : social-marketer (pls write a little note that you need support for facebook likes) + email: facebookfanskaufen[at]g m a i l[dot]com


Pls if you want order write me an email with your Fanpage URL + amount of likes. I have to check your site first before promoting.

I have lots of work, so I can only guarantee you quick reply if you email me or send me a message on skype.