Let ME Build YOUR Backlinks to Help YOUR Website Skyrocket to the Top of Google! Save Yourself the Headache and Leave the "Boring" Work Up to ME!"

We all know about backlinks, and more importantly, their importance. You may have heard of Angela Edward's Or Paul's method, and if not, here's a brief overview:

You, or rather I, will place your backlinks on the inner pages of High PR authority sites, and you will benefit from the strong link juice that these sites generate in Google. All sites are well established, and are aged, so the backlinking power they can provide you is phenomenal. Your sites will be crawled more frequently, you will be able to rank higher more quickly for your keywords, and you'll be able to snag some SERPS for some highly competitive keywords as well.

After Completion of your Order, You'll receive :-

- A fully detailed spreadsheet highlighting what sites I submitted your link(s) to, the pagerank of that site and the URL where you can find your live links that were submitted to that site!
- An e-mail account that I create, which will hold all of your registration information for each site that I've submitted links to.


Starter Package -
30 backlinks from PR4 to PR8 - $20

Turnaround time : 1 Day

Platinum Packages -
50 backlinks from PR4 to PR8 - $30

Turnaround time : 1-2 Days

Ultimate Packages-
100 backlinks from PR4 to PR8 - $50

Turnaround time : 2-3 Days

Review Package:
10 backlinks from PR4 to PR8 - $5

Turnaround time : 12-24 hours.

Information required!

1. Url and Anchor text (Up to 3 texts )
2. Description
3. Email(we can send the report)

Payment modes

Paypal: meiyou1234@gmail.com