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What is Morces?

Morces is a platform that empowers businesses to go mobile. Powerful and Simple, Morces allows you to create a mobile site instantly. We simplify the process of going mobile. You can now setup and manage your own mobile site in a matter of minutes.

With the growing market of smartphones and more people accessing the web with mobile phones, having a mobile site allows you to capture your mobile users. Giving you and your business another avenue to generate a greater presence.

Morces provides interactive functions. Besides just providing content, your mobile site can be interactive for your users by implementing mobile features such as Click-to-call, QR Code, Email, Store locator, Advertisements and Photo gallery. By having these features, it helps enhance the user’s experience, advertising and promoting new products or services and also not to mention, provide key information that on-the-go users look out for when using a mobile phone. Integrate your mobile site with social media sites to be able to reach your users via various online channels.

At Morces, our designers design and build mobile sites for businesses to reach out to their mobile users.

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