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    Graphics Requesting

    What I Am Offering: Professional Graphics for you and your site/business
    What I Use: Photoshop and other programs
    How Much: I wll charge between $5-30 depending on how hard it is.
    Notes: Use the template below when requesting.

    Image Wanted:
    Image Size:
    How Much Will You Pay:
    Image Colours:
    Other Images To Add (provide link):
    Font Wanted:
    Other Notes:

  2. Please post some of your samples, so people can see your previous works.


  3. Yeah. Samples would be really great so that people can see how far you can get.

  4. I'm interested in getting several images (logo, banners) done as well as a complete site/forum designed with a common theme.

    I have an idea I want to discuss but I do not have much information. Can you contact me to discuss some potential work.

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