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Thread: Guarantee Yahoo Directory Listing Service $160/year

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    Arrow Guarantee Yahoo Directory Listing Service $160/year

    Please welcome our yahoo directory listing service.

    Increasing your web traffic
    Get yahoo back-link
    Increasing your pagerank

    Guarantee Yahoo Directory Listing ( Service for only $160/year

    Payment method : paypal

    Half first payment 50% : $80 (promo for net builder member only)
    Half payment when your site listed : $80 (promo for net builders member only)

    See the procedure to request listing:
    [ame=]Payment Procedure - Request Your Listing - Forums of Top 10 Optimizer[/ame]

    to see the listing under progress:
    [ame=]Yahoo Directory Listing Service - Forums of Top 10 Optimizer[/ame]

    contact us:
    by email:
    by Yahoo Messenger: dp68689933

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    With respect this is a very questionable first post

    The way this site works and operates is that new members post and gain trust and become known before they start selling or offereing services!

    Maybe it is best you have a rethink about your post

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    yes you right, this is my first new post. it just because that's the way im purpose to use this account is to sell this service. ryan know me, im eddy, im running maybe digital point member know me with this user name: 68689933

    and it just because i have customers who knows me better with this user name. my service is not a scam, i running this service from February 2009 and may in digital point , you can check my confirmation thread in my forums.

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    How about someone takes a shot. Say, pays $20 up front and the remainder when listed.

    I'd be willing to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spondishy View Post
    How about someone takes a shot. Say, pays $20 up front and the remainder when listed.

    I'd be willing to do that.
    $20..?? i think i know you..
    serious only.

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    Eh... Don't get what you are saying.

    My point is. Why should people trust someone who claims they can add your site to yahoo for $160 when they charge $299.

    I might only have done six posts on here, but thats a couple more than you.

    I was suggesting you offer to list the site for $20 upfront to a "reputable" member of the site, then when listed the buyer pays the rest. That would show you in a really good light, but hey your loss.

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    $20 first half payment.
    and $140 when your site listed in

    for reputation member mmmhh.... ok!
    but the question is.. define reputation member?

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