Hello Netbuilder members

As we all know, nobody can guarantee a #1 spot for any keyword/phrase, all you can do is work to get there. We're not promising #1, but we are promising that you will appear organically on the first results page in Google for the keyword/phrase that you choose!

You should also see your rankings improve in all the other search engines as well.

For portfolio, PM me.

1. Your site will be on the first page of Google.com in 12 weeks (MAX)
2. All linkbuilding will be White Hat
3. Will send monthly report!


10,000 - 100,000 Competition = $250
100,000 - 300,000 Competition = $400

We need following info from your end.

o Domain Age
o Page Rank
o Page Backlinks
o Domain Backlinks
o Keyword in Title?
o Keyword in URL?
o Keyword in Description?
o Keyword in Header Tag?

The cost of these services is to GET YOU to the first page in Google's organic search results. Once your site appears there, our work is done. If you want us to continue SEO on your site, will charge monthly for that

Payment terms:

We can decide it I'm a reputed member on other Webmaster forums like DP.

Payment is done via PayPal only.
I have the right to accept or reject the Project!

Only accepting 3 Projects right now.

You can contact me via Email too