Hi there,

We've introduced a few new services into our Guaranteed Marketing services, as part of our new "Strike The Web" brand, as well as improved on a few existing ones - here's a partial list:

1) Guaranteed Inclusion in the Yahoo Directory:

If you've ever considered submitting your site to the Yahoo directory, the $299 yearly fee may have put you off. If you have more than one site, it just gets worse.

Even worse, you're not even guaranteed an inclusion - just a consideration of your site to be included in 7 business days - Yikes!

How about a guaranteed inclusion within 10 days for just $149.5 (exactly 50% of what Yahoo is charging) - or your money back?

How do we get that done? That's our secret... contact us for more information.

2) Guaranteed 30 Unique Hub-Page Creation:

Do you consider links to your site a good thing? How about if they came from a reputable site, constantly ranking high on Google, with a high PR? What if the links were generated through unique content that is actually related to your niche?

We can deliver 60 of those, 2 links in each hub-page in a list of 30 hub pages - here are a few of our top sites:

Squidoo.com (PR7), Hubpages.com (PR8), Quizilla (PR7) , Edublogs.org (PR7), Xanga.com (PR7), Blog.com (PR6), Livejournal.com (PR8), Multiply.com (PR7), Wordpress (PR9), …over 30 in all!

The service includes creating a unique article, spinning it into 30 unique versions (100% human readable) and creating 30 pages on the above sites, each with 2 links through specific anchor text you select, pointing to your site. You'll get a unique user and password to each account we create, so you'll have full control, if you ever want to change the content in the future - it's yours.

Is that a no-brainer? For Less than $2.5 per link ($149.5 total), it sure is... Contact us for more details.

3) Guaranteed 100 Unique Article Spins & Submission:

Is article marketing getting old and ineffective? We're here to help create a powerful, unique article campaign.

Let me cut to the chase: We'll create a unique article, spin it into 100 unique versions, and submit each one to its own article directory, effectively creating around 200 links (2 per article) to your site through unique content on the top 100 article directories.

How about the price? You guessed it - $149.5... Contact us for more details (discounts available on this service).

4) Guaranteed SEO - Top 10 results, or it's not worth it.

Simple as that - if you're not in the top 10, you won't get any meaningful traffic, no matter how serious the keyword you rank for is. Send us a URL and your keywords, we'll send a price quote. You need a reasonable budget for this service, but then again - the results are guaranteed - top 10 within X months, paying $Y per month.

5) Guaranteed Press Releases - #1 on Google News

We'll write your press release in a news-worthy manner, approve it with you, and distribute it for you. If you don't approve it, you don't have to pay us a dime. If you don't rank in the #1 spot on Google News for at least 1 out of 3 keywords, you don't have to pay us a dime.

This is our flagship service, with tens of satisfied clients - contact us for more details, testimonials, and a quick way of getting started. Priced at $285 (discount available - contact for more details)

Also available: Guaranteed Telemarketing, Guaranteed Pay Per Lead program (high-budget clients only), guaranteed content writing (perfect content), guaranteed copywriting and more!

Looking forward to helping you with your next project, shoot me an e-mail for a free consultation.


Adi Friedman
Two Believers - Strike The Web!