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    Wink High Quality Banner/Logo For Your Site

    Hi friends, I am offering a free banner/logo. Well I provide high quality banners and logos, you can refer this post for the reviews of other people:

    Free Logo/Banner For Your Site | Photoshop Stuff

    The terms and conditions would be the same as listed in above post. PM me for the banner, or make a reply in this thread...!

    I guarantee you 100% satisfaction, I never took free work as free, Quality do matters to me.!


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    I am interested if you can offer a good quality banner/logo for the site in the sig link below


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    I'm also interested, particularly for my aprender ingl├ęs site. I'd prefer the same background (I can send this to you), but with the addition of new imagery at the left side. I'd also prefer to keep the site title and description in plain text using html so the logo doesn't need to have any text in it.

    This site is designed for Spanish speaking people who want to learn English, so a small icon or image that represents leaning English would be fantastic.

    Hope you can help.

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    Friends kindly contact me on IM, because I need to talk to you, because sumtimes the banners need little editings, so visit the link in the post above and you will get to know how to contact me on point 4...!


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