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    Post HIGH QUALITY Yahoo answers service

    Hey net builders! Time to offer my Yahoo Answering service!

    Basically, I'm offerring a service in which I answer questions on Yahoo! Answers related to your website, and post your website's link in the source! You can easily get anywhere from 50-1500 unique visitors a day from a single Yahoo answer! *

    I'm not like the other answering services, where they post unrelated comments. This just makes your site looks INCREDIBLY SPAMMY and will not get you anywhere.

    Anyways, the way you receive traffic from Answers is relatively easy. You answer a question related to your site (an excerpt), and more people who see that and are looking for more information will click through to your site! You can get REAL VISITORS DAILY!

    As you can see, I type in fluent English, so your answers won't look like someone's cat wrote them. I research my answers too, so you know they'll stick :].

    10 Yahoo Answers with 8 guranteed best answers - $7
    20 Answers with 16 guranteed best answers - $14

    I accept payment upon completion from trusted members (More than 3 legit iTraders and an overral good rep around here).
    My PayPal is

    DO NOT SEND PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY. I only have 2 accounts, which limit me to around 60 answers per day! PM me with how many answers you want, and as soon as I have room for you, I'll drop you a PM.

    Review copies available to 2 trusted members of 10 Yahoo answers for $3!
    If a mod happens to come by, I'll give him a free review of 10 as well.

    Come on guys! Time to BRING IN THAT TRAFFIC!

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