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Thread: Hiring Forum Posters - 5 Positions

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    Hiring Forum Posters - 5 Positions

    Dear Members,

    We are looking for forum posters (preferably US Natives) for our Internet Solution Provider Company.


    Candidate must be fluent in English writing and should have a wide knowledge of different areas like sports, web mastering etc.

    Each poster will be paid $0.06 per post and will increase to $0.07/post after his/her 3 months stay with us.

    Please send me to following information:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Previous Work
    • How many posts per day can you make?
    • How long do you stay online a day?
    • Preferred Payment Method
    • Weekly or Monthly Payment

    Please do not forget that this is a long term job so, only serious candidates apply for the said positions.

    Thank you for your patient reading.


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    I'm an forum poster but the pay is pretty less. Try to increase the pay to $0.10 per post. That is the standard amount for forum posting.

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    This is not one time job. I'm intending to hire people on long term basis. Per post payment could be increased depending on the quality of posts.

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    hey I am a forum poster i was working with digitalpoint . and Is this offer still open then i am interested .,

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    Sorry guys, I have already hired some posters. Will contact you for sure if need more.

    Thank you for your interest.

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