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Thread: Hiring New People - You'll Get $500 / Month

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    Hiring New People - You'll Get $500 / Month

    We are looking to hire new people for Forum Posting Job.

    We offer forum posting job (only quality forum posts are accepted). You can earn from $200 to $500 per month working from home.

    Find out more at

    Feel free to post your questions in this thread.

    Proof of payments:

    You see that big Mass Payment for $5,000? Sometimes we send payments using MassPayment PayPal option to our employees in order to let them save some cash by not paying PayPal fee. We can do so only when a lot of people request their payment at the same time. That's why you see that most other payments were sent in a usual way. (We would send all payments using MassPay, but some employees just don't want to wait while other people make requests too.)

    And one more page.
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