Here's an offer none of you can refuse!

I’m here to present you all with an offer today, an offer so exclusive that it’s never been done before, this is honestly what every internet marketer needs. This deal will blow you away both with its value and low affordable pricing.

Before I go any further allow me to ask you, have you ever thought of getting into affiliate marketing? Making a steady income off the sales of one product, but you don’t know enough to get your feet wet? You’ve tried but the internet is full of garbage articles which claim they will ‘help’ you make your fortune within your first month?

No doubt we've all at one point or another decided to try out one of these miracle products. Well what I'm offering you today is a true miracle service, it's based off logic, information and research. Anyone who's had any experience in internet marketing will agree, here's what you're getting;

I’m offering you all the chance of a lifetime, I’m offering you the affiliate marketing jump-start package. What you receive with this exclusive package is 10 articles written in special spin format, on top of that we throw in 3 months of free subscription to our article spinner (and only 5$ a month after that) it’s been designed to literally create a minimum of 10 completely unique articles out of just one.

That on it's own is a wonderful deal, 10 articles becoming hundreds is something we can all learn to appreciate and love. With me however, the deals only get better because check this out.

You can either supply your own 10 keywords or ask us to research for you using our advanced techniques and methods. I can literally find you micro niches and you could be making great profit.

This means you know that you’re going to start finding those goldmines because we always find those long-tail keywords and they bring in the big money.

I should also add that our article spinner works with almost any format (sentences or words) and the articles that I write for you are written to make sense even after they are spun. You don’t get awful articles which don’t make sense, you get content rich and error-free articles which will make you wonder if the spinner isn’t just a really fast human typer

There's more though, then on top of hundreds of unique articles and the article spinner (which is absolutely superb I must add) you also receive a landing page specifically made for your particular product.

The landing pages are honestly where the work comes together, each landing page is designed individually and hosted off a free blog. The designs are simple and meant to be effective, but what really will seal the deal is the content.

We even write you 1000 words promoting your product or service. These aren’t just random words what they are is persuasive text, so persuasive that we know people will be eating up your product like none other!

At this point your heart is pounding, breath is unsteady and vision blurred. This is normal when being confronted by such deals so don't be alarmed, in the mean time allow me to sum up our services;

-Hundreds of original articles
-Free Subscription to our article spinner
-Custom Landing page
-Persuasive sales pitch (100% unique for your product)

For the price of just 147$ you receive, hundreds of articles in spun format + 3 months subscription to our spinner which guarantee’s a minimum of 10 unique articles from each of those 10 (hundreds of articles in total) then throw in a custom-made landing page with a unique sales pitch and you’ve got the affiliate marketing jump-start package.

So why am I so sure this is going to be a smashing success? Well it’s all elementary, the articles provide you with submissions to multiple directories, sites or even your blog.

The purpose of the articles is to allow you to send traffic to your sites, with hundreds of original articles you will be able to target important niches and make great back links. The beauty is that you're getting unique articles which means that you can re-submit them to either the same directory or get yourself noticed all around.

What really makes the deal for me though is the landing page, I know that no matter how much traffic you get without a strong effective landing page you won't see those conversions which is precisely why we focus on two main formats (all though you can ask for different ones these are just proven to work).

There are two main formats which I suggest though, the first is story format which is written as a review of the product from an outside source (Hi my name is Kon and this service is amazing, buy it use it or the second choice is review comparison, this is where we will put up 3 different products and ‘review + compare’ them to offer your reader the ‘best bang for their buck’.

The advantage of product comparison is that you can potentially be selling 3 different affiliate products at once, which is on it's own a dizzying thought for any amateur affiliate marketer :0

YES - this deal is simply put, amazing, especially at the prices that I’m offering you guys. You’d have to be insane not to buy this because I know this will get you sales and clicks.

There are no longer anymore excuses to delay your affiliate marketing career, you have to get in on this bargain before we’re overbooked. The turnaround is 4-6 days, usually earlier though.

So for just 147$ you’d honestly be nuts because all combined, this is at least a 250$ value that we’re offering for crazy discounts. I want you to promise me that you won’t delay and order your package today.

I know you guys are all smart, intelligent people and there’s no reason for me to have to explain the effectiveness of this strategy, it works, will continue to work and bring you results. Don’t think there’s any sort of scam or scheme involved it’s all 100% legit.

I just want to see hard working people like myself get those results that they want, this doesn't mean you won't have to do any work but this package will definitely put you in the 'right' direction.

PRICE: 147$
Send orders through PM, EMAIL or MSN

Try it out and you'll be satisfied, without a doubt.

I’m looking forward to helping you grow, expand and make money - as any good business should.

Always remember the Kon Corps motto - Efficiency, Reliability and Promptness because with us you get all those and more!

-Konstantin Kanariov, Kon Corps CEO