I am a front end web developer and graphics designer working on the web since 2004, mainly on my own web properties and later for Memebridge Inc., a previous owner of NetBuilders.org. Recently I've begun offering my services as an independent freelancer.

I offer three types of services here: web design and development, logo design, and banner design. I will describe all three of them below.

Web Design and Development

I can create a web site for you, from design to implementation. My focus is on WordPress, Drupal, or static HTML sites mainly for corporate, content or community sites. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Professional, modern, and clean design. I subscribe to Apple's philosophy of simplicity and attention to detail while striving to provide an engaging user experience.
  • Responsive design. In a mobile world this is a must. Your site will automatically rearrange itself to look good on mobile devices too!
  • Flexible and interactive. If you need forms, custom search, content filters, comments, forums, custom content types and so on you can have them.
  • Easy to use. I make sure you can easily edit the content of your own web site. I try to avoid hardcoding parts in a way that make it difficult for you to edit. If you want to change the order of blocks in the sidebar, change the text on a page, change images etc. I'll show you how.
  • Affordable. You wont have to break the bank for quality results.
  • Optional free web and domain hosting on my server for one year.

Check out DanielMemetic.com/web-design/ for some examples. Contact me for more recent samples.

Logo Design

If you need a logo for your web site or business I can help. I've been designing logos since I started working on the web in 2004, at first for my own projects, then for employers and clients. It's important to understand that a good logo requires answering a few key questions.

  • Who and what does the logo represent? What is your web site or business about and what do you offer?
  • What does the logo need to communicate? What feelings and associations should it entice in the potential customer?
  • Who is the target audience? To whom should the logo speak to?
  • Research on the specifics of the industry. What facts may influence the visual style of the logo?
  • What is the desired style? Which color preferences? Should it include a logotype or just the logo graphic? Should it be modern or traditional, classy or futuristic etc.

Once these are answered by your input and my research I make some paper sketches and then create some versions as vector graphics. You choose what you like best and then I focus on that design with a few iterations until you're satisfied. In the end you get a package that includes all of the versions, exports in multiple sizes and formats, font used, and the SVG source file (vector graphics) which you can open yourself in free open source applications such as Inkscape. SVG is an open standard for vector graphics.

Check out some logo design examples at DanielMemetic.com/logo-design/

Banner Design

Finally I can create banners of various formats for your advertising efforts. I would strive to make your banner suitable for the purpose you wish to use it for. Do you simply want to raise awareness of your web site or brand, or do you have a very specific action that you want to entice the visitor to make?

Your style preferences as well as your overall visual identity are also taken into account. It's good to have consistent visual cues across your properties so your banner may reflect the design of your web site and logo. For example, if your website design is dominated by color orange then it's a good idea for the banner to be predominantly orange as well. If your logo or overall visual identity is futuristic then that's best reflected in your banner as well.

You can see some examples of my banners here.

If you're interested in any of these services PM me or email me at danielmemetic [at] me.com with some details on what you need, and we can proceed from there.

Thank you