I got 20 website templates in html with TPL extentions.

What i need and will pay for

is someone to change them 100% so they do not look the same I.E colour graphic's lay out and css

Footer and header.

I need this done very fast so unless you know CSS and html please dont post.

If you know what your doing then post here and how long as i said i got 20 there be a lot more and i need the of the highest standard.

i need these to be 100% different to what you recive. If you can make the same template in different colours then you be able to earn more.

All files must remain the same name no file name is to be changed all changes must be within the CSS and the TPL html .

As files are called via script and changeing there names will render them 100% usless

files to be changed HERE

Demo in action HERE

What i need

basic to change graphics colour just make it different to the 1 on the site.

Payment via paypal

Pm me if you can do this or post here

Thank you