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Our goal is to deliver highly targeted customers to your site and we guarantee the results. With our Performance Based SEO services you only pay for what we deliver.
We offer REAL performance based Search Engine Marketing. Other SEO firms offer a Pay Per Ranking service and they call it “Performance Based SEO”. This is not real performance based Search Engine Marketing. Certain keywords might not be very profitable so why agree to pay for something that might not be profitable?
We look at your overall business, profits, competition, keywords, and more then we develop a seo strategy to increase your revenue and we charge based on the additional revenue we generate.
You need to increase revenue through search engines and we use a customized strategy to achieve this. We will analyze your site, business, and industry to develop a custom strategy to target customers who are looking for your products or services. We do not offer basic one-size-fits-all SEO services.
Our Performance Based SEO services are fully transparent. We use advanced third party analytics to which you will have access. You will be able to see how many visitors and how many conversions (leads or sales) are acquired due to our SEO efforts.
Using advanced analytics we are able to manage all of your search engine results to deliver the highest ROI possible. We will adjust search engine strategy to make sure your site continues to outrank your competitors for the most profitable search phrases. If a search term is not performing well then we divert resources to another search term. We do not waste resources ranking for non-performing keywords.
Prodigal Solutions uses ethical, effective, and proven SEO tactics to consistently achieve high search engine rankings. We do not look for quick improvements in rankings, but develop a long-term strategy designed to continue to improve your sales for years to come.
Fast rankings are possible but they are usually achieved through unethical practices which will harm your site in the long run. Beware of any SEO company offering top rankings in a short time span.
Although no company or individual can guarantee #1 rankings, Prodigal Solutions can guarantee to deliver highly targeted visitors from multiple search phrases related to your products and services. In addition, Prodigal Solutions stands apart from its competition by providing the highest level of transparency possible.