The most important reason for this is failure to get the keyword research rightly done!

Avoid making big keyword selection mistakes that will cost you time, energy and money and ultimately lead to failure.

- Get “valuable niche keyword phrases” wherein you can easily beat the competition to reach Page 1 rankings in Google

Why is keyword research is so important?

It allows the right audience to find you. And you have quite a bit of control over that audience just by focusing on different keywords. And yes, you can have different pages focusing on different keywords and then you can gear each page to its specific audience.

Target the right words and you will be able to drive qualified traffic to your site. These visits don't always come from broad top level words like cars, but rather they come from targeted search keyword phrases like 'red sports car.' With the focused keyword phrases, you have more of an idea of what the searcher is looking for and this allows you to be super targeted on your page. This also means that you may not see huge amounts of visitors. But the traffic you do see will convert at a higher rate.

Preference for highly competitive keywords should be limited in order to achieve greater success. Avoid choosing a keyword without proper research. But the question is how to do research for right keywords. And this is where we step in by offering one stop shop keyword research solution.

Module A: Keyword short listing and recommendation in your area of Niche

Your niche and our research expertise combined together will help you succeed in your online ventures.

In this module, we will do in depth keyword research in the area of niche provided by you. We will conduct detailed keyword research and analysis to shortlist and select a couple of top keyword phrases in that niche which will enable you to achieve high ROI in a relatively short period of time.

– E.g. Let’s say your niche is ‘Golf’. Based on our keyword research, we would provide you a detailed list of targeted keyword phrases in that niche and further recommend top 2-4 keyword phrases that you can target to easily achieve high SERPS (rankings on Google / Yahoo / Bing) and breakeven into profits quickly.

These top keyword phrases would be selected and recommended on the basis of following two key criteria:
1)Keyword Attractiveness:

How many searches are done every month on the keyword locally and Globally (Should be atleast 1000 local searches / mo even if it’s a micro niche)

How many searches are
- How many searches are done every month on a keyword locally and globally (should be atleast 1000 searches per month even if its a micro niche)
- Maximum CPC for the keyword

2)Keyword Competitiveness: Based on following parameters –

- Total no. of sites competing for that exact keyword phrase – indicates Competition Quantity (should ideally be less than 100,000)

- Competition Potency (CP) – indicates Competition Quality i.e. How strong is competition based on aspects like Keyword optimization in the Anchor text, Title & URL (key optimization techniques)

What we need from you?

You need to provide us the niche for which you need to conduct this research. E.g. you may give us one broad niche such as ‘sports cars’

What we will we provide in our report?
The end result / output would be a detailed excel report containing a full list of focused keyword phrases in the Broad Niche that you provide us (‘sports cars’) evaluated on host of important criteria:

- Local Searches / mo
- Global Searches / mo
- Max. CPC
- No. of sites competing for the keyword phrase
- Competition Potency
- Domain availability only for the top shortlisted / recommended keyword phrases

Module B: Deep Dive/In depth analysis of keyword phrases for the keyword of your choice

In this module we would be offering you intelligence by analyzing top 20 ranking websites in Google for your keyword.

Why do you need to analyze the Top 10 / 20 competition in Google?

It is a known fact that Top 10 ranks (site appearing on Page 1) on Google combined together, receive more than 90% of the total traffic / searches done for a particular keyword.

In order to rank on Page 1 of Google for a particular keyword phrase, you need to outrank the competition already present on Page 1. Hence it becomes extremely for you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the top 10 / 20 ranking websites on Google for the keyword phrase that you’ve decided to target.

This first and second page competition is one of the most important factors that will decide whether you would be able to rank high on Google for the keyword of your choice or not.

You may have found a keyword which has only 10,000 competing sites in Google and would have made up your mind to target it. However, if the top 10 / 20 ranking websites for that keyword are all ‘high authority’ websites (enjoying ‘high PR’, DMOZ + Yahoo listing and are aged websites with hundreds of backlinks and good ‘on page’ optimization), then despite all your efforts and investment, it may result in a failure to rank high.

On the other hand, there may be another keyword which has slightly high no. of competing sites on Google but the top 10 ranking sites are not at all authoritative or strong in nature (based on above mentioned factors) – then it would be much easier for you to appear on Page 1 of google!

Thus it is quite clear why you need to analyze top 10 / 20 competition for your keyword – the only issue might if you don’t have the expertise do such an analysis or are too bored to conduct such a time and effort consuming research. If that’s the case then we would be happy to offer our services and expertise for a very nominal charge.

What do we need from you?
We need one exact keyword phrase that you need intelligence on. Eg. Your niche is ‘cars’ and you have decided to target ‘red sports cars’. Then you can ask us to perform research for the keyword phrase – ‘red sports cars’.

What will we provide in our report?
We will provide a detailed report containing the top 20 ranking websites on Google for the keyword phrase provided by you along with evaluation of these top 20 websites on the following:
1) Off Page parameters:

- Page Rank (PR)
- Website Age
- No. of Backlinks to the page
- No. of Backlinks to the Total Website
- No. of Backlinks from .Gov and .Edu domains
- DMOZ and Yahoo presence status

2) On Page parameters: Keyword present in

- Page Title
- Page Description
- H1 tags


Such power packed insightful keyword research would set you back by atleast $10 per niche (Module A) or $5 for Top 20 competition analysis for keyword phrase of your choice (Module B)

But we’ve decided to offer these highly result oriented research services for a price almost as low as a cup of coffee!

30% discount for the early birds -

Module A:
Discounted rate of $7 only per niche

Module B:
Discounted rate of $3 only per keyword phrase

You can pay via paypal using your paypal account or a credit card. Please email us upon payment with the Paypal transaction id (melwinsmith25(at)gmail.com) and we shall deliver the report within 48 hours of payment.