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    I am currently looking for a quality link builder, who knows how to build quality backlinks using only whitehat methods.

    If you will be using any blackhat methods, I will not be interested.

    It would be nice if you can show me what you have done in the past. I am a link builder myself, I know what to expect.

    Interested candidates should PM me.

    Thank You
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    I can offer you a quality link building service that will get you that will get you good backlinks, whitehat only, for $500.

    I've pushed random domain names to #2 for the term 'proxy sites' and #8 for 'proxy' (this site was That site was since sold and has fallen way back, but I also did the SEO for the domain '' and many other sites. Message me if you want more recent works of mine.

    All of my would would include detailed reports of what was done.

    If your budget is higher, let me know and I can work with that as well.

    Drop me a message and we can talk if you're interested.

    Submit Your Proxies @

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