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Thread: L@@K! Great Deals!

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    L@@K! Great Deals!

    Hi Everyone.

    I am currently in need of some cash, and it's very important. So, i have made a few services that i will carry out for PayPal Cash. ALL SERVICES MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE THEY ARE CARRIED OUT!

    I can do:

    Forum Posts - $0.08/Post (Minimum 5 Words Per Post)
    Forum Registrations - $0.12/Registration (Maximum 75 registrations per forum)
    Article Writing - $2.50/300 Word Article

    PM me to buy any of these services.



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    Hey there, Evan. I need a 400 word article on 'moving on' to be displayed on the front-page of my website: Quotes About Moving On It doesn't need to be anything too complex - just a basic article that will help the site rank better, while introducing visitors to why moving on is important in life. If you're interested, let me know.

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    Hey Kovich.

    I can do this, for $3.25.

    I can have it done within 24 hours. Although you must pay first, i will edit the article forever until you are satisfied with it.

    If you want me to do this and $3.25 is okay with you, send me a PM and i'll reply with my PayPal Email.


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    This user agreed to complete the job mentioned above. I promptly sent him payment and further details, then never heard a single thing back. As of now, there has been no response to my communications and I have not received the service I paid for. Therefore, I am going to say that this is certainly a scam and I am extremely displeased! BEWARE and DO NOT send this user any money or hire him for any work.

    Negative iTrader left. Filing a PayPal dispute now.

    Evan, I am very disappointed in you.

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    This guy offered me services on DigitalPoint, and I saw he had -2 iTrader. He's definitely a scammer.
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    he also has negative itrade at Netbuildrs :-s

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    for 3.25 ??? i think he kind of desperate ..

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    ban 'em at once!

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    Kovich, as i have said in the negative iTrader i left you, i was ill during this period.

    Also, as i never had the chance to accept your payment, it will have been returned to you. So, i think you'll find that you are wrong, i am not a scammer.

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    That's why Struat is the only content provider who I haven't met and isn't an admin or guru (may be now, don't know) that I will prepay for anything.
    Aziz did a big job for me a while back and flat out refused prepayment and it was for a bit more than 3 bucks.
    Hope you guys settle out the mis-communication.

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