In the spirt of helping lazy bloggers everywhere, I'm offering a blog writing service. I'll write 30 (one full month's worth at 1 post per day) blog posts for you, so you can relax, watch movies, work on your business, try to take over the world, or whatver else it is you like to do in your spare time.

You'll receive one post from me each day via email. Each post will be approximately 300 - 400 words, though I can write longer posts if requested. You can see samples of my writing here:

Ezine Articles Expert Author Samples

All blog posts are 100% unique and original. Since I write all posts myself, I can only take on 2 - 4 clients each month.

Pricing and Payment:

Packages are $150 per month (at $5 per post). Rewriting or editing of individual posts is free. Payment is 50% due to start, and 50% due upon satisfactory completion of 30th post, payable via Paypal.

If interested, send me a PM, or reply to this thread with any questions. Thanks for your time!