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Thread: Learn how to create Ecover designs

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    Learn how to create Ecover designs

    Hey guys we at Design Ebook Cover - Learn how to create your own Ecover designs developed an easy way to everyone that want to create ecover design using photoshop.
    This method would help you create 3d Ebooks, Softwares, Cds, Dvds, Cards in just few simple steps, for each kind of ecover types you will get a video tutorial that will show you how the method work and how to create the design by yourself.
    Recently we decided to offer some of the layouts we created for free download, below you can see those you can download for free:

    And you will be able to download them from the link below:
    Design Ebook Cover - Free 3D Ebook Cover Design

    If you will be looking for more then one ecover design for each type of ecovers you could get a lot more for small fee as you can see below:

    To check more about the paid product check the link below:
    Design Ebook Cover - Learn How to Create Your Own Ecover Designs
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