Shorten Your Links! MyLinks
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Let's say you're posting a link in your MySpace status, tweeting it, or even embedding it in an SMS - but you're limited to a certain number of characters. What do you do? Let's imagine you have a pretty long URL such as "" - that alone is 36 characters long! Using we can transform that to a measly 18 characters:

The result? A shorter link that's much easier to remember and more user-friendly.
You can also use the service to mask things like your affiliate or clickbank ID.

There are two options when working with
1. Shorten with a custom alias
2. Shorten without a custom alias

A custom alias is simply where you pick the ending of the URL.
Such as:

We'll take my NB Profile Page as another example, but this time using a custom alias: | We run it through and get: - which went from 50 characters to only 23!

Still not convenient enough for you?
We offer two other awesome features:

1. Browser Bookmarks - commands that you can add to your bookmarks toolbar that allow you to create a short link for the page you're on! No copying or pasting required!
2. Clean and Minimalistic Site Layout - no fancy graphics or distractions. Get straight to the point of creating your link without having to wait.

So go ahead and give a try - you won't regret it!