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    Link wheels - Dominate Your Niche/Keywords


    Hey guys, koncorps here. I closed the thread because linkwheels are no longer a good way to promote your sites. I'll be re-launching with brand new services, a membership site (free for people who order) and greater support.

    Looking forward to it, take care!



    Hey guys,

    I'm offering a link wheel creation service. Your wheel will be made on 5 web 2.0 properties including

    1. Squidoo
    2. Blogger

    You're probably wondering what link wheels can do for you?

    1. Increase your SERPs and targetted keywords
    2. Give you more 'Google' Juice
    3. Drive more traffic to your site

    In case you've never seen a link wheel, here's an explanation

    *I use only 5 properties to save time and pass the savings onto you.

    Does this really work?

    Absolutely, I've made tons for my sites and articles (on ezine) and have noticed instant rankings.

    What does each link wheel come prepared with?

    • 300-400 word article that will be SEO optimized, meaning 2-5% keyword density + formatting (H1 tags on keywords, bolded, underlines)
    • Pages on all those web 2.0 properties which are going to be done to target a specific few keywords
    • We can target 2-3 keywords per link wheel.
    • **For extra 5$ you get all sites pinged + passwords

    So why get yourself a link wheel made?

    • Dominate your keyword/niche
    • Save yourself the effort of doing it.
    • We SEO everything.
    • Target Multiple Keywords

    How much does it cost/turnaround?

    It's 20$ for an entire wheel and turnaround is roughly 2-3 days (depending on how many orders there are)

    Time for everyones favorite - REVIEWS!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flightnurse View Post
    Wow, Kon already completed the 2 linkwheels I ordered just yesterday and sent me a report with links to the Web 2.0 properties and blogs he created.

    Not only does he work quickly, but the quality of writing in the articles he posted to the sites such as Squidoo and also the blogs he made for each site were exceptionally high quality and relevant to my keywords and site topic. They were accurate and good reading as well which tole me that he took time to do some research into the subject matter and he writes very well too.

    Couldn't be happier! I've paid a lot more for linkwheels from other providers and didn't get nearly the same wuality as the work Kon performed. Thanks a million!
    Quote Originally Posted by nux View Post
    I just got the completed link wheel this morning. All the blog posts interlink like they should, while they all link to my site. The content is fine, so overall I'd say this is a valuable step in a SEO campaign.
    Quote Originally Posted by WebEvader View Post
    Here is my review, I gave KonCops the information and he completed the link wheel within 48 hours, it might of been under 24.

    The quality of the wheel was good, actually better than expected. And I have noticed increased rankings since it was created.

    I would recommend his service, and i will be buying more in the future
    **Browse the thread for plenty more!

    How to order?

    If you're interested in ordering then just post in this thread, send me a PM or send an email.

    GTALK =

    Looking forward to getting lots of business, by the way it's 20$ for 1 link wheel but only 100$ for 6.

    Take care!

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    How's that sound? Let me know what you think- - VIDEO SAMPLE

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