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    Link wheels-Squidoo lens creation-DirectorySubmission-Contextual LINKS and more

    Link wheel


    I have 5 Link wheel packages. These are as follows:

    Package LW1

    • Chain of 50 Web 2.0 blogposts
    • Posts on 50 PR4++ blogs linked to form a chain
    • Each post will have 3 anchor texts, 2 to your site and the third one to the next post in the chain with your preferred anchor text.
    • All blogs will be bookmarked and pinged.

    For a sample post please contact me privately via pm.

    Price :- $120 only

    Package LW2

    • Chain of 25 Web 2.0 blogposts
    • Posts on 50 PR4++ blogs linked to form a chain.
    • Each post would have three anchor texts, two to your site and the third one to the next post in the chain with your preferred anchor text.
    • All blogs will be bookmarked and pinged.
    • In addition, each post will be supplied with 2 PR3 + 2 PR4 backlinks so that by the next update, they all touch PR2++ status giving you high profile editorial links.
    • This will be supported by social bookmarking also.

    For a sample posts please contact me privately.

    Price :- $175 only

    Package LW3

    • Chain of 5 websites on three different hosting accounts.
    • Each website would have 10 unique articles and these five sites would be interlinked with the only outbound link going to your site.
    • In addition, I'll pump in 10 PR3 backlinks for each site thereby ensuring they touch PR2++ status by the next update, thereby ensuring that you get sitewide links from sites on different IP's and with relevant content.
    • This will be supported by social bookmarking also.
    • I'll be handling everything from content creation to domain registration, hosting and link set up.

    For a sample site please contact me via PM.

    Price :- $135 only

    Package LW4

    • A squidoo, weebly,wetpaint, hubpages, blogspot, wordpress and livejournal blog.
    • 4 articles each all linked up in a chain with the only outbound links to your site.
    • In addition, I’ll be supplying 5 PR3 links/blog so that they all hit PR2++ by the next update.
    • This will be supported by social bookmarking also.

    For a sample posts please contact me via pm again.

    Price :- $110 only

    Package LW5

    This is the ultimate package which includes all the above packages. I would recommend using competitive or even long tail keywords for it.

    You can send different keywords taking each package into consideration. This package is the best for sites which are aged more than a year and have a minimum of 500++ backlinks.

    Although, if you are experimenting, new sites also can be used to see the effectiveness of this combined powered linkwheels.

    The total cost of this package is 450$


    Detail I need:

    Website url: Preferably two homepage + two deep links
    Anchor texts: MAX 4 long tail keywords

    Please note: I am not giving out samples publicly taking competition into consideration. Getting the sample posts privately is the best alternative I have right now.

    As for the communication, I am available via ICQ, yahoo and hotmail for around 10-12 hours giving you the much needed communication and updates on the package.

    The payment are to be done via PAYPAL only.

    Do-follow blog commenting


    Well, I am here to provide do-follow blog commenting service. If you are only looking for quality you are reading the right thread. I am here to stay for a long time. I know the importance of trust and would hence ensure good communication, updates and quality work. (Not here to keep you guys in the dark)

    Following are the packages.

    PR6 x 1PR5 x 2PR4 x 2PR3 x 2 = $20

    PR7 x 2+PR6 x 3+PR5 x 8+PR4 x 8 = $70

    PR5 x 4 + PR6 x 1 = $15

    Review Package

    PR5 x 2

    PR4 x 3
    PR3 x 3
    Only $20


    PR3 x 5

    PR4 x 8
    PR5 x 8
    PR6 x 2
    Only $60


    PR3 x 10

    PR4 x 15
    PR5 x 10
    PR6 x 4
    PR7 x 1
    Only $90


    PR3x 20

    PR4 x 20
    PR5 x 12
    PR6 x 3
    PR7 x 1

    Only $130


    PR3 x 35

    PR4 x 30
    PR5 x 15
    PR6 x 5
    PR7 x 1
    Only $230


    Make custom package I will t
    ell the price

    Contextual link building


    As the title suggest 50 posts will be made on PR3/PR4 blogs.

    Important details:

    • You will get 50 Unique Blog Posts on 13 PR4 and 37 PR3 blogs.
    • The content provided will be 100% unique.
    • No blogs have dropped domain whatsoever.
    • All the blogs are self hosted on their own .com/.net/.org domain and are running successfully through the wordpress CMS with fully optimized using various SEO plugins.
    • All the blogs have maintained their PR over the past 3-4 PR updates
    • Up to 3 links per blog post
    • Each blog post will be pinged and submitted to 100+ blog aggregation and pinging services

    PRICE: 120$

    Note: The slots are limited and will be given to first 10 people.

    You can provide me with up to 3 links/anchors per blog post. You can provide me with multiple links (from the same site) and keywords, if you would like me to rotate and use them.


    Squidoo LENS Creation Service

    It's is very well known that links from authority sites have more value than links from non-authority sites. Squidoo is the most popular personal blogs of the people and are frequently visited by people all around the world. Links from these lens are given more value by google. This is what makes a Squidoo lens so valuable for creating quality links.

    This is what you get from each lens:

    • Minimum of one 450-500 words unique content article
    • Pictures relating to the niche.
    • Four to six other modules.
    • The link of the site on the anchor text you provide.
    • Service also includes promotion in all popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, bing, AOL, etc etc.
    • You will also get over 1,000 backlinks over a period of time to your Squidoo Lenses.
    • Promotion of 5 Keywords or key-phrase (Anchor Text) pointing to your main website.
    • After the completion of the work, the lens will be transferred under your control henceforth making you free to make all the changes you like.
    • We are also giving 30 Social bookmarking for free which will help your lens get index more quickly in the various search engines and boost your lens rank as your main website.

    Prices For squidoo lens:

    1 Lens 35$
    2 lenses 70$
    3 lenses 105$
    4 lenses 140$
    5 lenses 175$

    Anything above 5 lens you are getting a 5% discount.

    Details I need:

    Keywords: Upto 5 (preferred long tail.)

    Payment : Paypal
    Directory Submission

    Directory Submissions :

    One of the most commonly used and effective method to get links for a site. The site will be submitted to 'free' general web directories and these directories will give a dofollow link to client's site. In most cases the links will have an anchor text. The site will be submitted to most relevant category within each directory.

    I will charge $5 per 100 directory submissions.
    I will charge 150$ for 3000 directory submissions.

    Please note that the fee is for submissions and approval by directories is not guaranteed.

    The site can be submitted to premiums (pay for review) directories as well. Approval is not guaranteed and no extra charge is taken from the client for these submissions.

    Other form of directory submissions like deep link directories, regional directories, niche directories or blog directories are not supported by me right now.

    As an additional service I can also write good descriptions for the site for these directory submissions. I charge $5 for writing 5 descriptions and each description has 150 to 250 characters.

    Please note that I have 2000 web directories in my list and can also submit to 300 'newborn' directories every month.

    Also, I can take confirmation emails for orders more than 500 directory submissions only.

    MY email:
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