After a successful thread on DP for [ame=""]Linkwheel,[/ame] I am offering my services on this forum.


Linkwheel is a set of Six (06) Web 2.0 properties interlinked in a Wheel structure. All the properties are promoting a single website and/or a web page. Here is the image explaining the Linkwheel

Linkwheel can be used to bring good results for your required keyword. If any of the keyword is with less competition, you can also get place on first page at Google. Linkwheel is copyright of lemonarian dot com and I have approval from him to offer this service.

Some more details on the Linkwheel:
There are many Web 2.0 properties which are used for creation of Linkwheel. I will provide you with a Unique Article for your Linkwheel, duly optimized for the keyword and will use spinned article for each property.

Each Web 2.0 property have RSS feed which will be Pinged to 100+ pingers.

Currently I am offering a Basic Wheel and Double Wheel services.

Basic Linkwheel Service @ US$25/-

The basic Linkwheel is the smallest Linkwheel which includes following:

  • 1 unique article of 500 words optimized for your keyword.
  • 6 Web 2.0 properties (including 1 SQUIDOO Lens)
  • RSS submission to 100+ pingers for each property (total 600+ submissions)

Double Linkwheel Service @ US$55/-

Double Linkwheel is the medium size linkwheel which includes following:

  • 2 unique article of 500 words optimized for your keyword
  • 12 Web 2.0 properties (including 2 SQUIDOO Lens0
  • RSS Submission to 100+ pingers for each property (total 1200+ submissions)

The turnaround time for small wheel is 5-6 days and for Dobule Linkwheel is 10 days (max)

Payment: via Paypal or Plimus

If you have any question, you can PM me.