IMPORTANT: Do not contact me without reading the following and having the criteria I am looking for!

Firstly, I will emphasize that I am looking for quality content!

I do not want to hire anyone who does not speak English as their first language (I am not excluding anyone: my website is targeted at an English speaking audience and someone from either US, UK, Canada, Australia etc would be preferable).

You must be knowledgeable in the area of pets and I want people who have owned one before. For example, if you own a dog I will get you to write dog articles, not a bunch of cat articles. If you have a pet but are not an expert, that is ok- I google the topic and read 5-10 different articles before starting and I want you to do the same

I am not going to pay you per word. It either makes you fill the article with crap or cut out too much good information. Some articles may be 400 words, others 1000+, it entirely depends on the topic. However, I do not want you to always be making the article as long as possible to earn more money- this will not work because I have a set budget per month and will not be exceeding this limit. I will get you to write the article first and figure the cost out later. Over time when my site becomes more popular, if your articles are good and well received by visitors I will pay you more money.

As noted in the title I am looking for a long term writer. At first it may only be 3-4 articles per month. After a year or two it could be 10, 20, 50, 100. It all depends on how my website performs.

If you meet my criteria, please PM me and we will talk further. Tell me your name, country, pets you have owned, previous articles you have wrote (does not have to be pet related) and any other details you believe are necessary. If I like what I read then I will get you to write one article initially to see how you go.