Deccan Radio is South India’s 24/7 Internet Radio, broadcasting in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages based on listeners’ requests.

Deccan Radio is on a major lookout for horde of Deccan Radio Jockeys from all across the globe with (South) Indian accent. So if you want to become the Voice of Internet Radio and can Speak Nonsense - Sensibly here’s your opportunity! Don’t miss this.

Send in your resume along with a 3 minute MP3 with your own voice speaking about anything under the sun you like in English to or reply to this thread.

Fluency in any other South Indian language is a added bonus.

We are also looking for Business Development Associates to work with us.

EDIT : This is a paid position but we are looking for people who are truly passionate about music instead of those who are looking this as a primary job. Thanks.