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Thread: Low competition keyword article marketing service (good for traffic)

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    Talking Low competition keyword article marketing service (good for traffic)

    “How One Simple Article, That Takes Only Minutes To Create, Can Attract Hundreds Of Unique Visitors To Your Website. Month After Month.”
    You will be shocked to see the incoming traffic, when you order your first campaign…

    Hi fellow NB'ers. I finally got over my lazyness, and I would like to offer you a service. This is the way I made my very first dollars online.

    To make long story short. I'm going to offer low competition keyword article marketing service. Low competition keyword is a keyword with less than 1500 competitive sites (search results) on Google. I will make you one article optimized for a low competition keyword. I will search these keywords myself. After I have written the article, I will submit it to Ezinearticles.

    My guarantee to you is
    : You pay for only those articles which make it to the first serp on Google.

    Payment is by PayPal only. I will send you the payment details via PM, once/if your article gets to the first serp on Google.

    One article costs only $5


    Due to some things which happened in my real life, I don't have enough time to keep this service available. And, I have to cancel all orders I have received.
    I'm glad, that I didn't take payments upfront.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused. And I hope you guys understand.

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