Hi everyone,

A lot of people are looking to get into the online game, and more specifically make a ROI (Return Of Investment)

Im offering to teach, guide & offer support (Via MSN & Skype) to anyone who signs up underneath me on CPALead.

CPALead use a "pay per survey completed" approach which is alot better to maxamize your ROI.

There are two ways of generating revenue with CPALead, Advertising & Content.

Advertising works on the basis that you already have a website and want to monetize it. By placing a gateway between your users and your content, you'll generate revenue for every survey completed.

Content is exactly what it says on the tin. Dont have premium content? Maybe you dont have a website? Get free content for your website and generate the same CPA tier rates as with advertising.

Alot of you will be thinking "How much can revenue can i generate?" Thats totally your choice and dependant on how much time/money you wish to invest.

For those looking to invest to generate revenue, i.e. through PPC advertising, in terms of Return-Of-Investment you can expect 100%+.

To make money you need money hence the term "Return-Of-Investment" so for those who want to make serious money be under no illusion you will need money to invest. If you can afford to invest in PPC advertising you can expect to make at least 50% ROI though after the first month we would be expecting that figure to reach 100%+. How much you invest at the start is up to you, but if you follow my advice and re-invest your profits to build, you can expect to grow at a very rapid rate.

I understand everyone has to start somewhere so if you dont have alot of money to invest at the start, dont worry. The point is, by re-investing your profits, you can expect to grow significantly quicker. We all have to start somewhere

If you would like more info feel free to ask or shoot me a PM and ill get back to you.