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Thread: manual blog commenting service great links

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    manual blog commenting service great links

    Hello all, interested in some excellent seo link making?
    Blog replying.

    my firsttime buyer price is:

    25 dollars for 100 blog comments in blogs pr 3 and up in random dofollow blog niches.

    40 dollars for 100 dofollow blogs in your niche pr 1+

    55 dollars for 100 dofollow blogs pr3+ in your niche

    blogs that are "niche related" may not be in whole or in part about your nich, but will contain the keywords you send to me to search and create a custom blog list for you.

    work will be done in 3 days or less or your money back.

    work will be up to your standards or your money back.

    my posting team does not believe in spam we read each blog post and in turn leave a quality comment that is beneficial to both you and the blogger.


    my team will use a suitable name and a well written blog reply ton increase the odds of approval.

    think of it this way, if only a couple of links make it to be approved, (and should be alot more than a couple) they are still cheap lifetime one way backlink with pr that only get stronger.
    for sample custom blog lists see my post where i gave away free lists. [ame=""][/ame]
    paypal send order details with payment.
    hope to hear and work with you soon.

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    Hello Totoinoz, are you offering a free review copy to test the service?

    If so, I would like to give it a try and post a full review of your service.

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    sure, why not. 20 blog free review copy.
    pm me your url, you will get pr3+ blogs

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    Do we get report where and what comment is left?

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    a mr kovich and koncorps messaged me and i will have your review copys done today.
    In answer to hellas, yes you get a detailed report with every order.

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