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Thread: Micro Niche Sites - Make $10-$10,000 a month passive income on 100% autopilot

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    Micro Niche Sites - Make $10-$10,000 a month passive income on 100% autopilot

    Get your Micro Niche Sites now and let these ultimate cash pulling micro websites create a passive income for you on 100% Auto-Pilot

    Dear Friend,
    I’ve created a system using which I can easily get you a passive income through Micro Niche Sites on 100% Auto-Pilot. I’ve created these Micro Niche Sites which work on completely auto-pilot while you don’t have to do anything other than to sit back and see the money rolling in your adsense, cpa or affiliate accounts.
    These Micro Niche Sites allows you to generate indeed a good volume of highly targetted traffic and profit from it. Your new Micro Niche Sites will include (but not limited to) these :-

    • WordPress CMS
    • Keyword Research
    • Domain availability check for the main keyword
    • Six unique professionally written articles
    • Relevant images for articles beautification
    • Keyword optimized content
    • Keyword optimized images
    • Advanced On-Site SEO
    • On-Page SEO with atleast 90% SEO Score
    • Premium WordPress Theme
    • Unique Design for each site
    • Custom Header design
    • High CTR ad placements
    • Push button addition of adsense/amazon/cpa/ affiliate codes
    • XML Sitemap
    • Privacy Policy page for Adsense
    • Contact Us page with contact form
    • Premium WordPress Plugins
    • Over 10+ plugins installed and configured for best performance
    • Hackproof – Safe from hackers

    Micro Niche Sites are already being talked about all over the internet marketing world and have created a new buzz all around with their simplicity and the high potential capabilities they possess. You’ll notice that all the work is already done for you by us including the hot micro niche keywords, WordPress setup, themes and plugin installation/configuration, high quality unique content, unique design, XML Sitemap, etc. all you need to do is sit back and count the money rolling in your bank account.

    Micro Niche Sites
    won’t make you rich overnight but they can be a passive stream of income as each Micro Niche Site can earn you from $10 to $10,000 a month depending on the niche and keywords chosen by you and by implementing proper Search Engine Optimization techniques.

    Our step by step action plan

    Keywords research executed as per the niche chosen by you.
    Create a wordpress based minisite and install all the relevant plugins to it.
    Install a premium wordpress theme, customize and make it suit best for the chosen niche.
    Write six well written keyword focused article pages and add the extra pages to the minisite.
    Search Engine Optimization done for all the pages with relevant keywords

    Demo Micro Niche Sites we recently created

    These Micro Niche Sites are going to blow away your adsense and affiliate revenues as a rock solid passive income stream that too on completely Auto-Pilot. This may not be a get rich quick method or it won’t make you a million bucks but all it will do is help you in quitting your day job and ensure that you get the highly paid interest on your small investment you made for getting a Micro Niche Site.

    • WordPress CMS - WordPress being the most user friendly as well as search engine friendly CMS is chosen by us to build your Micro Niche Sites. Each Micro Niche Site is built using WordPress considering its enhanced features, usability, security and ease of use.
    • Keyword Research - An indepth keyword research is done using google adwords data to find out the best keywords as per the niche chosen by you. All the keywords we choose for you have atleast 1500 or more broad monthly searches in google while ensuring that they donot have a very high competing market so that they can rank well in search engines without too much extra efforts. The best six keywords are then chosen for your Micro Niche Sites and are used further for optimizing the website for those keywords.
    • Domain Availability - A complete analysis is done among all the keywords as for which keyword is best suited as the primary keyword for the Micro Niche Sites and the availability of the domain for the same keyword is verified. Availability for .com/.net/.org/.info extensions are only checked.
    • Unique Content – Six unique articles of 500 words are written while considering the quality of content and with most appropriate keyword density to ensure that search engines love them and ensuring the best outcome of your Micro Niche Sites.
    • Relevant Images – The Micro Niche Site is beautified with the most relevant images as just the plain text content makes the webpage look dull and ugly.
    • Keyword Optimized Content – All the text content is highly optimized for Search Engines by adding proper H1, H2, H3, Bold, Italic and Underline tags in order to ensure the best keyword optimization for content.
    • Keyword Optimized Images – The images are also Search Engine Optimized to rank well in top image search engines such as google images so your search engine optimization is not just limited to the pages but for images too.
    • Advanced On-Site SEO – Complete care is taken off for the meta tags including the title, meta description and meta keyword for each page for highly targetting the focused keywords on the page.
    • Atleast 90% SEO score - With the help of Wp Easy SEO plugin which is one of the most advanced plugins meant for checking the SEO score of a page, its ensured that each page possess atleast 90% SEO score.
    • Premium WordPress Theme - Your Micro Niche Sites are built upon the Genesis Framework which is one of the most advanced framework’s at present for theming wordpress based websites which not only allows your website to load faster but also helps in its search engine optimization.
    • Unique Design - Not only google loves the unique designs but also the visitors to your sites will find the Micro Niche Sites attractive and will have a longer stay at it. All the Micro Niche Sites will use their own unique design and the same old turnkey designs won’t drive them away by clicking on the close button.
    • Custom Header - The first thing which you’ll always look at when you visit a website is its header or logo so you get a custom header designed which makes your Micro Niche Sites look more attractive as its well focused on the niche chosen by you.
    • High CTR Ad Placements - Just having good looking Micro Niche Sites and getting traffic to them is not enough as the most important part is to monetize them well so the Ad placements plays a major role, with the good CTR Ad placements you’re ensured of getting good Click Through Rates and helping you monetize your Micro Niche Sites well.
    • Push button Advertisements - With the help of advanced advertising plugins you’re able to add your advertisements to your Micro Niche Sites with the push of a button.
    • XML Sitemap - A great role in getting your Micro Niche Sites pages getting indexed is played by XML Sitemap as once you submit it to webmaster tools, your website crawling rate is rapidly improved helping you to get your Micro Niche Sites indexed in search engines quickly.
    • Adsense Privacy Policy - Micro Niche Sites have been popularly known for generating revenue with Google Adsense and its mandatory to have a privacy policy page as per Google Adsense Terms, hence a privacy policy page comes bundled alongwith your Micro Niche Sites.
    • Contact Us Page - A contact us page definitely is definitely an additional trust factor for your Micro Niche Site as each visitor will know that they can contact the webmaster easily with the contact form and a majority of those visitors querying through email might become your buyers as well.
    • Premium WordPress Plugins - Micro Niche Sites come along with the premium wordpress plugin WP Easy SEO which helps you to track the SEO score of each page and optimize it accordingly though it will already be well optimized.
    • 10+ Plugins Pre-Configured - The Micro Niche Sites come along with the 10+ pre-configured plugins for maximum enhancements and the best optimization of your website for security, pageload speed, search engine optimization of content and images, etc.
    • Hackproof - The most vital part of any website is its security, while the wordpress is a highly secured CMS but it has to be hackproofed in order to keep the hackers away from your Micro Niche Sites.

    All the orders will be processed within 3-10 days considering the number of orders qued up and to ensure the best quality is served to you. Bulk orders of 25+ Micro Niche Sites may take more than 10 days though you’ll be informed about the turnaround time for bulk orders ASAP.

    Get your Micro Niche Sites

    Visit the link below

    Usual Price of Micro Niche Sites - $97 each

    Netbuilders Offer

    Visit the link below

    Get $30 discount with coupon netbuilders30 - Limited to 100 Buyers

    Buy any number of Micro Niche Sites and use above coupon code to get the discount.

    PS :- The services offered on this site are in no way associated or affiliated with Google or WordPress.
    PPS :- There will be no refunds unless we fail to reproduce your orders in the specified time period.

    Ankit Gupta

    In case of any query you can Contact Us through email

    AIM : aim:GoIM?screenname=ankitg200123
    Yahoo : ymsgr:sendIM?ankitg2001234
    MSN : msnim:chat?
    Skype : skype:ankitg200123?chat
    Gtalk : gtalk:chat?jid=ankitg2001234
    ICQ : icq:send_message?uin=564642957

    Check Last post always for the latest updates

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    Due to bad health I've been unavailable since long but now we're accepting orders once again.

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