Hey guys,

I'm looking for a few people to post around on SwimForums.net. The forum is a discussion forum about swimming, and even if you don't have such good knowledge on swimming, its still a good opportunity. You can start out just posting on general discussion forums, and slowly you can answer some threads and stuff. Lots of it is just common knowledge (will swimming help me lose weight? what food is healthy to eat? etc).

I can offer two things, depending on how much you are willing to post.

$5 - 100 Posts (.05 per post)

OR if you are willing to posts at least 50 posts per month, I will offer you Advanced Hosting at InfinitumHost.com (3.95/month value) for as long as you continue posting.

I expect good quality posts, at least 2 sentences long. Once in a while try to get a few longer posts in, and at least 1 in 4 posts should be a thread.

Thanks. Please PM me if you are interested.