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Thread: Need GMail and DigitalPoint Accounts

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    Need GMail and DigitalPoint Accounts

    I have two jobs available for you guys/gals here at NB

    GMail Accounts
    I need 10 GMail accounts created. I don't care what the usernames and passwords are (but please don't make them random letters and numbers). I will be using these to send e-mail (obviously), so please do not make them appear to be 100% fake.

    I need the usernames/passwords delivered to my PM inbox within 24 hours of accepting the job. I'll pay $5 to have this done. I am only looking for 1 set at the moment, but I may need more soon.

    DigitalPoint Forums Accounts
    I need 10 DigitalPoint Forums accounts created as well. They must be activated and approved by the administrator. I will pay $5 for this as well. I will require you PM me the usernames/passwords for all of the accounts.

    If you are interested in either of these jobs please let me know. They won't require a lot of time at all. Depending on how things go with the accounts I may need A LOT MORE created.


    I am willing to pay $10 for 10 DigitalPoint accounts that can be setup today.
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    Is the offer still open?

    Do you require all such accounts?

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    I wonder how you're willing to pay for something so easy to achieve o_o you can do it yourself

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