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Thread: Need someone to call affiliate network

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    Exclamation Need someone to call affiliate network

    Hi guys

    I Need someone to call affiliate network,once get approved,i will pay you English is poor,

    anyone can do, Pm me or email email is


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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldClicks View Post

    I will call your affiliate company and get you Approved.

    I can speak perfect english

    I will require the payment up-front because i do not need you sending me a message "My account has not been approved' because i will make the call but it is not up to me to activate your account i will try my best tho.
    Hi wordclicks

    I have Pm you.check you inbox.Thanks

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    any one can help me?

  4. you don't need good English for that, it's usually a quick
    -hello, are you John Doe? -Yes. -thanks, we'll approve you.

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    heheh yea totally agree with DomainMagnate

    Though there are few affiliate networks (Like hydra, never blue ads, azoogle) who are very careful while choosing for an affiliate publisher.

    I was having the same problem as you have Cashing! , and that true the only thing an affiliate network want to know is how you gonna drive traffic to the offers, just tell them what you can do : ) and what you are planing on doing.

    Don't be afraid! give it a try yourself

    Good luck

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    any one can help me? PM me please

    PM me please any one can help me?
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    Need someone to call affiliate network update

  8. What do you want this person to say when they call?
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    Hey buddy,

    You are not in a face to face conversation here. Neither are you planning to date the Affiliate managers sister. You dont need great English man. Just try once and it will click. In the extreme case if it fails, ask him to STFU and hang up he phone.

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