As I will be travelling for some weeks I am looking for someone to take care of my proxy group and submit my proxies to proxy lists. You don’t need to understand anything about proxies!


1. Send out one email a day to my proxy list subscribers (you will be given manager privileges). Sunday – Thursday night, 5 times a week.

2. Post one proxy around 8 am in the morning and one proxy around 2 pm (New York time) to a number of proxy lists, Monday – Friday, 5 times a week.

You need a program like Roboform (or a similar Firefox add-on) to be able to submit the proxies quickly. You need to register one-time with the proxy lists using you email address, after which submitting the proxies can be done fast.

You don’t need to understand anything about proxies! This is really simple task. Time estimate per day is about 40 minutes.

Start date is 3 May 2010, end date is 31 May 2010, extension possible depending on whether I have arrived where I am going to. I will help you in one or two test runs before I depart.

If you can submit the proxies at the required times and if you are reliable then you are up to the job. As the proxy biz does hardly pay off please make a reasonable offer how much you are asking for. I will pay you after each week using PayPal.