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Thread: >>NetBuilders Exclusive<< Specialized Content Creation. Professional Work, Cheap !!

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    >>NetBuilders Exclusive<< Specialized Content Creation. Professional Work, Cheap !!

    Hi all !

    After having looked around on this awesome forum, it pleases me to announce that i'm launching my own content creation service.

    I can undertake the following forms of content creation projects :-

    • Articles
    • Blog posts
    • Web-site content
    • Ebook Writing
    • How-to/DIY Type instructional posts/articles
    • Emails
    • Spin ready articles (Rates vary depending on project. Normal rates do not apply here)

    All these for a fixed rate of $ 0.01 / word, rounded off to the nearest lower multiple of $ 0.25

    What's more, the next 10 people to order from me can avail a special rate of 1c/word on their order !
    I will eventually change it to 1.5 c/word.
    In case you're curious, i'm offering a reduced price because i do realize that i'm new here and it is, according to me, not ethical to ask for more till i have the ability to display the quality of my work.

    Now i've seen a lot of people who get cheated and end up buying low quality/rewritten content, which has been cleverly masked as "Original and Unique".
    I can assure you that you'll face no such hassles with me.

    My work comes with my Personal Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

    If there is anything in the content which you does not meet your standards, or needs correction, i will leave my contact details with you, and will make the required corrections free of charge, no matter how long it takes to bring them up to your standards.

    Also, once you've paid for your articles, they will be permanently deleted from my hard disk, thereby ensuring the uniqueness of your content.

    For ordering your own unique content today, PM me .

    Thanks for your time NetBuilders,

    - Pragun -
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