Platypus Greyhat Method
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Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I've been wondering how to pay the monthly hosting bills for my websites, luckily I've created an auto-pilot method that can easily do that.

Free Review Copy for people with (500+) posts.

Are you interested?

I am coaching students for $5 USD only, pretty cheap for earning $20 daily.

So your basically wondering, what is the procedure:
  1. You send the $5 payment to my Paypal
  2. PM me with your MSN / Yahoo
  3. I explain tihs method step by step
  4. All your questions will be answered
  5. Start making $20-$30 per day!

Q: Is this a black hat method?
A: No! Its a grey hat.

Q: Do I need to invest in anything more?
A: No, the $5 fee at the start is all you need to pay.

Q: How will I pay you?
A: I only accept paypal.

Q: How will I get paid?
A: There are various ways, paypal is one of them.

Q: How much time i spend daily?
A: This depends, you can set everything up in one day and dont need to do anything every again!

Q: Are you sure this method will work?
A: If you are willing to listen to my instructions, then for sure!

Q:What I need?
A: Simple, youll need the following:
  • Paypal (To pay me)
  • MSN / YAHOO (So I can coach you)
  • Less then a hour of your time

Q: Does this method contain nudity?
A: No! This method is work safe

Price : $5 USD

So what are you waiting for? Making something out of that extra change in your pocket!

This only applies to Godaddy customers!

If your looking for a free host for a lifetime without that annoying banner, and you have a Godaddy domain be sure to contact me.

The price of this other method is $5 USD.
If your interested PM me with your MSN!

Paypal Email:

Have any questions? Post them here!