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Thread: Niche Backlinks Service - 1,000+ Legitimate Links!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nytro View Post
    I can't seem to send you a PM. I've already e-mailed the reports to you.

    I'll wait to hear the review of the service. I've decided to only offer this
    for a limited time. I'm going to begin putting more focus on my own sites,
    and use this method to continue building up backlinks. I've already built
    up over 15,000 links to one of my sites using ths commenting method.
    can show us the url ?

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    The member that received the review copy has been unable to post to
    this forum, and he posted his review of my services at another forum.

    Here is an excerpt from his review:

    Anyways, to my review. After completion of the links (which are blog comments) I received two easy lists, "submitted" and "auto approved". This showed me which blogs, I'm guaranteed a link on, and others which I will wait for approval. That set his service up higher, as I knew which blogs to check first, I mean who wants to check 500 blogs+.

    So I decided to go through the approved list, and make sure most of the links were there, which gets to the next part of my review. A total of 73 blogs were auto approve sites.

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    Would like to try this one:
    1,000 links - $25
    What do you need from my side?

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    Nytro, I've sent $25 over 2 weeks ago and NO REPORT!
    Where are you?

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    I've ordered 1000 links and get the report but approved 19 comments only! ALL OTHER NOT!!!
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