Niche Backlinks Service

Every site needs its share of backlinks. Google rankings rely heavily
on the number of backlinks that a site has within its index. Their
are many factors that go into the value of a backlink but its best
to have a significant number of backlinks relevant to your niche.

This is a blog commenting service where you'll receive backlinks
within the comments of blogs that are related to your niche. All
comments are top quality and relevant to the niche-related blogs.

1,000 links - $25
2,000 links - $49
5,000 links - $79

It's very important that you understand the quality of this service.

- only niche related backlinks for your sites.
- their are no duplicate domains in these packages.
- use up to 4 different sites with 5 keyphrases per site.
- all of the sites are already indexed by Google.
- report where all of your links have been submitted.
- additional report where links have already been added.

Paypal is the only payment option accepted.

Post any questions in this thread or PM me directly,
and I'll be happy to assist anyone that is interested.