Online market research - I would need someone to collect data of different websites based on the chosen topics.


1. Sufficient English proficiency to read and write
2. Web research skill (we will ask you to conduct research by using search engines)
3. Sense of responsibility (very important)
4. Time management (able to stay ahead of the schedule)
5. Capability to use MS Excel (this job requires a lot of copy and paste)

Estimated turnaround time: 4-5 hours for $25
Payment will be made by Paypal.

This job only require you to have a PC and internet connection at home. I'd say it is ideal for someone hoping to have a new source of income besides your full time job. However, we may consider to hire someone full time for this if someone is interested. We do not expect you to be a native English speaker, so Indians are welcome! Please pm me your email address for more details.