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Thread: [open] 150 pr3-pr5 gambling/adult/all niche homepage network

  1. Exclamation [open] 150 pr3-pr5 gambling/adult/all niche homepage network

    Hey guys, I know we are new to this forum but we like this place and decided to give it a try. We have been all over Warrior, Wickedfire and BLF and our reputation for our networks are great over there. So if you have any questions please feel free to PM me and we will take care of you.

    Thanks Guys
    Mark & Chris from

    The High PR Network Mature Links Package


    Mark & Chris from have launched our "Mature" Links Package. This is an entirely new network devoted to providing linkjuice to Gambling, Pharma, Porn & Adult Niche sites.

    Other networks we have researched charge anywhere from $300-$500 a month for a network with up to 100 sites. We're giving you 150 HIGH PR Backlinks for $167 a month, thats $1.11 per backlink!


    Like our other network we have a 30 Day money back guarantee, if your site doesn't move up in the SERPs within 30 days of your purchase we will refund you completely.

    We currently have:

    10 Page Rank 5
    65 Page Rank 4
    75 Page Rank 3

    The price for a spot on our mature network is $167.00 monthly.


    1. The links will be located on the main page of the site, not in a subpage, blogroll or post.

    2. 1 URL and UP TO 3 Anchors per link ordered.

    3. These are not permanent links, if you cancel payment then you link will be removed after the billing period subsides.

    4. You will not receive a report after your links are posted. Period. We may provide you with an example link if you really need to be certain your links are being placed but thats the extent of it, you will see your links within 10-14 days in programs like SEO Spyglass.

    5. Your links will be added to the network within 12 hours after your order, then the sites are pinged sequentially every 3 days. We have had very good success with this method from our previous network and will continue using it.

    6. All of our sites are hosted with unique, dedicated, non-shared, non-sequential, c-class ip's in different geolocations.

    7. You can promote ALMOST any link with this network. Foreign keywords are welcome as well. It does not have to be adult related. If your ok with having ur keyword on this network please feel free to take advantage of this awesome opportunity.


    9. We will provide up to 150 words of content that is spun to be 90% unique or you can send us your own content to spin across the network.

    NOTE: This is completely separate from our first network. And for those of you waiting for the third network it is coming, we are just making sure everything is perfect for our customers before we launch

  2. Thumbs up

    This network is no joke guys. Here is just one of the reviews we have got in the last couple of days....more to come....

    Quote Originally Posted by bash_bh View Post
    REVIEW! THESE GUYS ROCK. im new to this forum. i usually live at BHW. im actually learning quite alot from other forums like this now that ive been introduced to them.

    I have links on both these guys networks. Network 1 was about 50 links. I got first page rankings accross at least 15 different keywords accross 15 different sites. YES 15 money sites and my links are not gambling/porn etc. they are financial related niches. I put in an order for two links on Network 2 this weekend. (150 SITES) two seperate niches. WITHIN 24 hours. One of my very very competitive kws went from POS 11 to position 6 first page. this is within 24 hours. another related kw that was not targeted came from 100plus to position 11. for the second site. again reasonably competitive. actual kw came from 30s to 2nd page of google within 24 hours and other related kws came from 300 plus to page 2 on google. this is only in 24 hours. i cant wait to see what happens over the next few weeks. no doubt not all the links have kicked in. since the weekend ive ordered more links and even those links are seeing benefits almost instant. THIS IS NOT A PAID REVIEW. IM A PAYING CUSTOMER OF THIS NETWORK AND CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE. WELL DONE GUYS AND ALL THE BEST!

  3. We have had HUGE jumps in ranking with this network. NO BS GUYS. U need to jump on this asap....

  4. Good member from Warrior Forum Review :

    Quote Originally Posted by ynotbluey
    Been using this service for over a month and have to say all links are showing up plus their customer support is top notch.

    I'm now number 2 for a very competitive keyword in my niche

    Keep up the great work



    Originally Posted by idsecure

    Service Update: Well it's been about 2 1/2 months and I have been slowly climbing the serps since I joined the network and today I hit #1. I have not built any links to the site since I joined the network to get a good feel for the impact of these links and they are juicy links that's for darn sure.
    Just had to give the OP props for a solid network and say thank you for keeping it nice and tidy for all the members!
    Would like to see another network from this OP! I have more sites that could use some love! Any plans for more?
    I enjoyed the ride to the top!

    Originally Posted by xoxxx
    Just wanted to post my review so far, This network seems to be above average in quality.
    My site has jumped 3 pages to page 1 in google so far (3 Days).
    Ive done very little backlinking on this domain. So im assuming its a direct effect of this network.
    I will be purchasing many more spots soon


    Originally Posted by massivemarketing

    Quick update:
    Keyword jumped from #244 to #22 in less than a week. Enough said!


    Originally Posted by Initial Effort
    Hey guys, I've been with cbitpro for a while. This guy is definitely an expert backlinker and was someone I learned a ton from. I've been using this network along with my own mini High PR network to boost my ranking for an extremely popular one-word muscle building supplement that gets 165,000 exact match searches per month. Yes, that isn't a typo, 165k. I currently rank #20 and am on the up and up.
    What is different about this network is the domains are constantly getting backlinked and aren't just sitting there stagnant. We know that Google only updates the PR every so often, but I would bet many of these domains have a true PR of PR5 or more. The nice thing is Chris keeps building backlinks, so your website is constantly being crawled by spiders. I would bet that very few homepage backlink services are building links at the rate that he is to his own sites.
    Plus, if you want to bother Chris, he's usually online. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to backlinking.

    Originally Posted by quinnmodel
    Chris's has got to be one of the best people i have ever come across in SEO. You can learn so much from him!ll

    All I can Say Is Power. Had a site in less than 2 weeks go from mid page one to Second for one keyword... Then number one for the other keyword that Wasnt even the keyword i used with Chris's Network... Just very closely related because the that keyword is actually contained within the one I gave Chris. I am More than impressed... Plus the BEST thing is If someone wants to use his network for my keywords... they are shit out of luck!!!
    So i think that Biggest feeling of security knowing that not one other competitor for my keywords can water down my results. To me that is SO stand up! and to me Super Important!!!

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