I am offering my services as a PHP Security Expert to perform a security audit on your website.

Over 90% of the scripts I've reviewed for my clients had security vulnerabilities.
These might have costed them literally tens of thousands of dollars worth in data loss and client loss.
  • Because you can't afford your clients not to feel safe using your website.
  • And you can't afford having your client's data published by the hacker or being sold to unscrupulous parties.
  • And you can't afford having your custom-made website hacked by some kiddie looking to have fun destroying your hard work or the money you spent building your website.

Things like these happen literally every single day. To both big and small websites.

Do not try to think "this won't happen to me".

That project you outsourced months ago to that great programmer might be literally full of vulnerabilities that are just waiting to be discovered by a unscrupulous party who will not hesitate in taking as much data and money as they can and literally delete everything in your server or web hosting account.

Can you actually afford that?

PM me or post here now for a free quotation without obligation.
Tomorrow might be too late. Seriously.