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Thread: Php Virtual Live Chat Script

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    Php Virtual Live Chat Script

    Virtual Live Chat Script Feature Details....
    The world's FIRST stand-alone non-human Virtual Sales Agent enables you to put an automated chat solution on your website WITHOUT having to pay someone else for the service...
    But I didn't stop there. I also made it BETTER than anything else out there, by making it possible for you to train your virtual agent, split-test the results, and even build your opt-in list on autopilot!
    And ... as a special thank you for your kind interest in my VSA software I
    Features :
    1. Artificial intelligent enabled
    2. Insert custom agents
    3. Create unlimited campaigns
    4. Initiate chat on page exit
    5. Log unanswered questions
    6. In depth statistical data
    7. Integrated list builder
    8. Custom html in chat window
    9. Custom html in chat text
    10. Integrate online videos
    11. Integrate audio files
    12. Over 40 How-To videos
    13. Email opt-in conversion stats
    14. Ability to change on exit message
    15. Initiate chat using window or modal view
    16. Initiate chat by moving mouse off page, similar to most exit popoup scripts
    17. Initiate chat by clicking a link or image link. (10 Live Agent Images Included!)
    18. Ability to change the unanswered question response
    19. Auto thank you email advertisement (killer feature!)
    20. Message personalization for both names and emails
    21. Customize the "Powered by VSA" link to what ever you want
    22. View each individual chat with customer name and email
    23. Ability to contact customers that asked unanswered questions
    24. Instant email notifications when customers ask an unanswered question. Great for following up!
    25. Full campaign export features
    26. Install on unlimited websites
    27. Load unlimited campaigns in one setup for unlimited websites!
    28. One time fee ... NO monthly payments EVER!!!!

    Demo Available.........

    You can chat with me:-

    Sahil Sinha

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    show us demo

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    Yes demo would be helpful.


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