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    Popunder Traffic

    I have always been looking to explore Popunder Ads drive traffic to my websites and now i found this service which is sending 1 million hits per day to my website in no time. I would suggest my forums friends to try this out, has been excellent from conversions and alexa boost prospect Popunder Ads

    If you looking for test buy add me on skype: anshul.mahajan1184

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    So to get one million visitors to your site, you are paying what?
    $4,000 per day?
    Come one, tell the truth...
    You are not getting one million visitors per day to your site from this company (which is probably your website and you are just a reseller of this scam).

    This is 2013/2014, not 1993/1994!

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    Hits are not visitors. A hit is a server request. If you have 10 images on a page, every page request results in 11 hits. Hits also include bot traffic.

    What good does it do to drive fake traffic that is not interested in what you offer. This is the way that all guaranteed traffic scams operate.

    The worst guaranteed traffic scam that I ever heard about used popunder ads on porn sites. The client received 100,000 new unique visitors in a month, but not a dime in new business. When it was investigated it was found that the popunder was generated on multiple porn sites to visitors from around the world. Each popunder displayed a web page from the client's site. Because the requests logged the IPS of the users, it was hard to discover how the scam worked. In the server logs, they appeared to be visitors to the site, but they never went to the site. The visitors to the porn sites did not have to click on anything, except to close the popunders when they closed their browser.
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