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Thread: Post Service + Blog Article Writing Service [CHEAP!]

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    Post Post Service + Blog Article Writing Service [CHEAP!]

    I'm currently booked by 'KonCorps' for a long term service. Please do not reply or request my services until I am finished. Thank you.

    Hello; welcome to my post service thread! (Also added a new service to this thread, the blogging response service!)

    I am willing to post on your website for a cost of user compromised meets, meaning you can Private Message me with your offer and we can compromise. This makes it easy for everyone! Prices we agree on will depend upon the plan. Rates have the majority of the voice, so please take a look at the rates below before responding.

    (Note: Price will be in US Currency, by PayPal preferably.)

    Q: Why would you pick 'me' to post on your forum?

    I have the qualities of an intelligent organism. I learn fast, I think before I act, great grammar, and strive for success.

    - I have a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so I'm perfect for making top quality posts on your website. My OCD is based on everything being perfect, clean, and professional. You should see my room.

    - I like helping others, it feels good; also when I get paid.

    - Whenever I want something, I get it, meaning I will try hard to meet up to your standards. (Meaning I will meet or exceed your expectations for me.)

    - I have a amazing character, I believe in doing the right thing, I am respectful, responsible, caring, trustworthy, and just totally reliable. You can count on me.


    1$ for 10 posts (10$ for 100 posts) But as you request more posts from me, the rate will decrease. That's where packages come in. (Forum)
    1$ for one 200-300 word blog response article. I will post a blog comment on the topic with the article. I must acknowledge the topic in advance so I can research and provide you with a quality comment. (Blog)



    Name: Grand Opening Package!
    Post(s): Every 50
    Price: 4$ (Save 1$!)
    Period of Time: Under 1 Week

    Name: Deluxe Package
    Post(s): Every 100
    Price: 7$ (Save 3$ if you buy separate rate order, save 1$ if you buy 'Grand Opening Package'!)
    Period of Time: Under 1 Week

    (Blog Response Article)

    Name: Blog Service Kick- Off!
    Blog comment(s): 3
    Word(s): 200-300
    Price: 2$ (Save 1$!)
    Period of Time: Under 2-3 Days

    Name: Deluxe Package
    Blog comment(s): 3
    Word(s): 300-400
    Price: 3$ (Save 1-2$!)
    Period of Time: Under 3-4 Days

    Please, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need more information, please, don't hesitate to reply to this thread or Private Message me with your query.

    I will try and make this thread as lively as possible to attract customers.

    If you are still feeling unsure, please read the review below from 'Kovich', also found on the first page of this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by 'Kovich'
    I asked Hero for about 6 to 7 posts and he did just that in a matter of minutes.

    They are of a great quality and I am highly pleased with his service. The communication was great, the service was completed promptly, and the material was definitely worth it. I'd give him an A and recommend him to anyone who needs some posting completed.

    Please choose me as your forum poster/article writer as I ensure every post and comment I make is born with true quality. I always review my work and edit in words and phrases that will make it more lively and draw the reader into the post.

    Thread Version: 1.2

    Specific Thread Updates:

    Thread Version 1.0, opening of thread
    Thread Version 1.1, adding in rates
    Thread Version 1.2, major change in thread, additions, added a blog response article service, packages, lively paragraphs, and thread update log
    Thread Version 1.3, changed title, lowered rates, order log

    Order Log

    budhi1976 - Current Order: 100 Posts @ Signature Link Advertising
    - Current Progress: 10-20 posts
    - Completed Requests: N/A

    KonCorps- Long term partnership

    spondishy- [X]

    Jenny- [X]
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